Activation Fund

The Activation Fund is designed to attract applicant-initiated proposals which fit The Health Foundation’s mission and complement its Synergy Initiative grant projects, while generating action beyond the routine. Envisioned somewhat as a venture capital fund, this funding avenue is intended to support discrete projects in Central Massachusetts that activate:

  • Creative and innovative approaches to alleviating community health concerns;
  • Community organizations’ movement to the next level of capacity and effectiveness, which the organization can sustain (The Health Foundation does not consider a project to be sustainable if ongoing fundraising efforts are required);
  • Partnerships to address health issues with new strategies;
  • And/or the exploration of emerging health challenges and opportunities.

In general, grants made through the Activation Fund are limited to one year. The chance of an Activation Fund Letter of Intent being funded is roughly one in five. Grants made through the Activation Fund have ranged from $10,000 to $100,000, with an average grant size of just under $60,000.