Activation Fund

The Activation Fund supports discrete one-year projects in Central Massachusetts that activate creative and innovative approaches to alleviating community health concerns; a community organization’s movement to the next level of capacity and effectiveness, which the organization can sustain; partnerships to address health issues with new strategies; and/or the exploration of emerging health challenges and opportunities. Requests are typically considered on an annual basis.

Application Process

The Activation Fund is currently closed for 2022.  The Activation fund typically opens each year so If you would like to be notified when the Activation Fund will open, please sign up for our newsletter.

The typical Activation Fund grant cycle follows the following timeline:

  • Letters of Intent Due: Late April
  • Applications Invited: Mid-June
  • Applications Due: Early August
  • Grants Awarded: Late September

For more information about the Activation Fund, please see the FAQ’s or contact 
Ms. Jennie Blake, Senior Program Officer.

Activation Fund Grants (2000-2022)