The Health Foundation provides grants to non-profit organizations in support of its mission to use its resources to improve the health of those who live or work in the Central Massachusetts region, with a particular emphasis on vulnerable populations and unmet needs.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” – The World Health Organization

Recognizing that health is determined by the complex interaction of individuals with societal factors, The Health Foundation seeks to improve health through integrated, comprehensive strategies involving both population-based efforts to promote and protect health and individual-based efforts to improve access to care. In applying the broad definition of health, The Health Foundation understands the determinants of health to be: medical care, socioeconomic status, environment, genetics, lifestyles and behaviors. Thus, The Health Foundation expects strategies aimed at improving health to include: integrated healthcare delivery systems, schools, social services, employers and public health.

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Grants are made primarily through two funding avenues, the Activation Fund and the Health Care and Health Promotion Synergy Initiative (Synergy Initiative).

The Activation Fund (Currently Closed)
The Activation Fund supports discrete one-year projects in Central Massachusetts that activate creative and innovative approaches to alleviating community health concerns; a community organization’s movement to the next level of capacity and effectiveness, which the organization can sustain; partnerships to address health issues with new strategies; and/or the exploration of emerging health challenges and opportunities. It is the goal of The Health Foundation that a project started by an Activation Fund grant will not require ongoing fundraising efforts to sustain it.

The Synergy Initiative (Currently Closed)
The Synergy Initiative provides funding for collaborative efforts that target community-identified health issues in Central Massachusetts with integrated, comprehensive strategies designed to improve health, broadly defined.

Synergy Initiative projects generally are multi-year projects that begin with a planning grant, followed by a pilot grant and one to three years of implementation funding, concluding with systems or policy changes to sustain the project.

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