Central MA Oral Health Initiative (CMOHI) – Synergy Initiative Round 1

The Central Massachusetts Oral Health Initiative (CMOHI) began in early 2000 in response to the urgent need for improved access to oral health care in the Central Massachusetts region. Of particular concern were low-income, uninsured children and families who lacked access to preventive and restorative oral health treatment. CMOHI partners sought to increase available oral health services while removing barriers to such services.

CMOHI developed into a broad-based partnership of 25 state and local organizations. The contributions from these partners led to improvements in access to oral health care for under-served populations in the City of Worcester and Southern Worcester County, while also providing lessons for oral health initiatives in other communities in Massachusetts and around the country.

Some of the key accomplishments of CMOHI include:

  • Approval for seven-year accreditation by the American Dental Association of the Dental Residency program at UMass Medical School.
  • Increased student participation in school-based prevention services.
  • Expanded access to treatment at Family Health Center, Great Brook Valley Health Center and Quinsigamond Community College.
  • Oral surgery services returned to Hahnemann Hospital; and the creation of education materials for physicians on adult emergent and urgent oral health issues.

Public policy changes achieved include the implementation of the MassHealth dental third-party administrator, caseload setting capability and restoration of adult dental benefits.

♦ CMOHI Journal of Public Health Dentistry 2010
♦ 2009 Oral Health Impact Report
♦ CMOHI Final Evaluation Report November 2008