The Health Foundation Staff

Back Row: Sonia Shah, Esq., Dr. Jan Yost, Dr. Amie Shei
Front Row: Michelle Ewing, Daniel Germain, Anne Goff

Sonia Shah, Esq.
Senior Program Officer
(508) 438-0009, ext. six
sshah (at)

Michelle L. Ewing
(508) 438-0009, ext. three
mewing (at)

Janice “Jan” B. Yost, Ed.D.
President & CEO
(508) 438-0009, ext. one
jyost (at)

Daniel P. Germain
Grants Manager
(508) 438-0009, ext. four
dgermain (at)

Amie Shei, Ph.D.
Vice President for Programs
(508) 438-0009, ext. two
ashei (at)

Anne T. Goff
Office Manager
(508) 438-0009, ext. five
agoff (at)

Robert E. Longden, Esq. (not pictured)
Partner, Bowditch & Dewey, LLP
Counsel to the Foundation