Hunger-Free & Healthy – Synergy Initiative Round 2

Hunger-Free & Healthy received $1.5 million in funding from The Health Foundation for a variety of approaches to improve local access to healthy food and to reduce hunger in Worcester.

  • A partnership with the Worcester Public Schools improved the quality of meals offered to 25,000 students. In 2018, 21 schools in the district out of only 100 schools across the state, provided free breakfast after the bell.
  • A SNAP outreach worker was hired and worked with eligible individuals and families to submit more than 550 SNAP applications, of which, more than 60% were approved.
  • Hunger-Free & Healthy participants worked for the passage of the School Nutrition Bill that initiated the creation of a statewide Food Policy Council, which remains actively engaged in food-related advocacy efforts.

Hunger-Free & Healthy Final Evaluation Report February 2012