Results-Oriented Grantmaking and Grant-Implementation (ROGG)

The Health Foundation’s Synergy Initiative embraces a philosophy of partnership between the applicant/grantee, the evaluator, and the Foundation in a shared aim of achieving success. This approach is operationalized through a planning and evaluation system called Results-Oriented Grantmaking and Grant-Implementation (ROGG, Copyright © by Dr. Janice B. Yost and Dr. Abraham H. Wandersman).

ROGG applies an empowerment evaluation approach to maximize a project’s chances of success whereby grantees utilize ten guiding accountability questions (below) to provide the structure for an effective problem-solving process and support the facilitation of program planning and monitoring, the documentation of outcomes, and the sustainability of interventions.  Applicant/Grantee, evaluator, and funder partners work as a collaborative team throughout the process.

In alignment with our commitment to health equity, the Foundation encourages grantees to be thoughtful and intentional in maintaining an equity lens through which they approach each of these ten accountability questions.

The ROGG system consists of a series of forms which incorporate the ten accountability questions in varying degrees of specificity.  Appropriate forms are made available by the Foundation to the applicant/grantee as they progress step-by-step through the process of planning, piloting, implementation, and sustainability of results. 

Accountability Questions Strategic Planning/Evaluation Focus
1. What are the underlying needs and conditions that must be addressed? Needs & Assets/Resources Assessment
2. What are the goals, population of focus and objectives (i.e., desired outcomes)? Goal Setting
3. Which science-(evidence) based models and best practice programs can be useful in reaching the goals? Review of Literature & Promising Practice Programs
4. What actions need to be taken so the selected program “fits” the community context? Feedback on Comprehensiveness and Fit of Program
5. What is the plan for this program? Planning
6. What organizational capacities are needed to implement the plan? Organizational capacities
7. Is the program being implemented with quality? Process Evaluation
8. How well is the program working? Outcome and Impact Evaluation
9. How will continuous quality improvement strategies be included? Lessons Learned
10. If the program is successful, how will it be sustained? Sustainability Plan