Worcester Regional Food Hub – Synergy Initiative Round 4

The Health Foundation has provided over $2.8 million for the development of the Worcester Regional Food Hub (Food Hub). The Food Hub is designed to improve the regional food system by strengthening sustainable agriculture, promoting healthy eating, and fueling economic development.

The Food Hub aims to increase access to fresh local food by providing aggregation and distribution services to farms and institutions and to incubate local food entrepreneurs through a commercial kitchen and business consulting services.

The Food Hub distributes a full range of local foods to institutional buyers including Holy Cross, Clark University, Webster Public Schools as well as to the Regional Environmental Council and Growing Places which offer this food at farmers markets. Additionally, restaurants and markets such as Armsby Abbey, Ed Hyder’s Marketplace, Roots Natural Foods, The Market Pantry at the Worcester Public Market, and Luccas American Kitchen source local products from the Food Hub.

In January 2019, the Food Hub was awarded a $65,000 Urban Agenda Grant from the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development for “Launching Diverse Food Entrepreneurs” (one of nine grant awards across the state).

For more information, visit the Food Hub website.  

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