Private Well Program to Protect Public Health – Synergy Initiative Round 5

Amendment #844, Private Well Cleanup

RCAP Solutions received a Synergy Initiative Implementation Year 1 grant of $425,000 in 2022 for the Private Well Program to Protect Public Health.  The Private Well Program aims to promote better public health and safety for households relying on private wells for drinking water.  The project’s objective is to achieve minimum statewide regulations of private wells.  During the pilot year, data collected indicated that over 30% of private wells tested have levels of one or more contaminants exceeding state drinking water standards. These findings, along with strong engagement from state legislators, have propelled the project’s advocacy efforts.  For the first implementation year, the project will focus on its advocacy plan and with connections to key legislators across the state.  Water quality tests and well assessments will be conducted on a more limited basis in 2022.

2022 – Implementation, Year 1$425,000
2021 – Pilot Grant $425,000
2020 – Planning Grant$204,150

Private Well Program Logic Model

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