Private Well Program to Protect Public Health – Synergy Initiative Round 5

Private Well Pilot Study to Advance Drinking Water Safety in Massachusetts
Amendment #844, Private Well Cleanup

RCAP Solutions received a Synergy Initiative Implementation Year 3 grant of $300,000 in 2024 for the Private Well Program to Protect Public Health.  The Private Well Program aims to promote better public health and safety for households relying on private wells for drinking water. An estimated 0.5 – 1 million Massachusetts residents rely on private wells for drinking water, but there are no minimum statewide regulations to test private wells for potential contaminants such as arsenic, E. coli, radon, and uranium. Currently, private wells are regulated by local Boards of Health, and the regulations are varied and often outdated or nonexistent.  This project aims to achieve minimum statewide regulations similar to Title 5 for septic systems which requires an inspection prior to the transfer of property. Given compelling evidence about the scope of drinking water contamination in private wells and growing concerns about PFAS (“forever chemicals”) contamination in drinking water, in 2024 the project will continue to focus efforts on advocacy. A coalition is working to build grassroots support for minimum statewide private well protections and direct outreach to legislators will also continue. The priority for 2024 will be securing the passage of An Act Promoting Drinking Water Quality For All (S.482/H.902).  

2024 – Implementation, Year 3 $300,000
2023 – Implementation, Year 2 $425,000
2022 – Implementation, Year 1 $425,000
2021 – Pilot Grant $425,000
2020 – Planning Grant $204,150
Total $1,779,150

Private Well Program Year 1 Evaluation, February 2023
Private Well Program Logic Model

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