Quaboag Connector – Synergy Initiative Round 5

The Quaboag Valley Community Development Corporation (QVCDC) received a Synergy Initiative Implementation Year 3 grant of $375,000 in 2024 for the Quaboag Connector project. The Quaboag Connector project aims to develop a sustainable, scalable model for rural transportation to increase access to health and community resources in the Quaboag Valley region. The project was designed through a Design Thinking process to meet the expressed needs of community members for travel to destinations that related to social determinants of health. In addition to continuing to offer its popular demand-response services, in 2024 the project will focus on securing sustainable funding and resources for the future. 

2024 – Implementation, Year 3  $375,000
2023 – Implementation, Year 2 (cSPA)  $50,000
2023 – Implementation, Year 2 $425,000
2022 – Implementation, Year 1 $425,000
2021 – Pilot Grant $425,000
2020 – Planning Grant $203,763
Total $1,903,763

Quaboag Connector Logic Model


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