Together For Kids (TFK) – Synergy Initiative Round 1

The Health Foundation’s funding of TFK totaled $1.8 million for the development of a mental health consultation model to aid the social-emotional development of preschoolers who presented with challenging behaviors in child care settings.

  • The TFK model demonstrated that with an average of 24 hours of behavioral health consultation for teachers and parents, children’s challenging behaviors and developmental skills significantly improved as compared to those in matched nonintervention preschools.
  • Preschool expulsions were reduced to near zero in the intervention preschools.
  • Advocacy efforts resulted in the state proving $19M in mental health consultation funding in preschool settings from 2008 to 2020.

♦ TFK Final Evaluation Report March 2006
♦ 2009 Georgetown University’s Center for Child and Human Development Study