Centering Health Equity Here in Central Massachusetts

Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Beechwood Hotel, Worcester

On March 22, 2023, The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts hosted a special breakfast event in partnership with Health Law Advocates and the Health Equity Compact focused on how to advance health equity in the heart of the Commonwealth in the short term and the long term.  The event featured presentations and discussion about Health Law Advocates’ special initiative to protect MassHealth members’ coverage and resolve medical debt during the upcoming widespread MassHealth redetermination effort and the Health Equity Compact’s bold action to advance health equity in Massachusetts, including An Act to Advance Health Equity.


Presentation materials and other relevant materials are posted below.

Event Program

Materials shared by The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts

2023 grant opportunities

Activation Fund grant opportunity

Synergy Initiative grant opportunity 


Materials shared by Health Law Advocates (HLA)
HLA Presentation
MassHealth information on how members can report changes.
The Phase 2 redetermination toolkit, which includes resources in 9 languages.
Health Care For All’s redetermination campaign materials.
Information on HLA’s redeterminations project.
HLA’s website resource list.
“Kien’s Story” video.

Materials shared by the Health Equity Compact
Health Equity Compact Presentation

Health Equity Compact website

An Act to Advance Health Equity

Bill fact sheet.
Bill summary


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