READYGO – Synergy Initiative Round 5

The Massachusetts Association of Community Action Programs (MASSCAP) received a Synergy Initiative Implementation Year 1 grant of $500,141 in 2022 for READYGO (Readying Educators And Developing Young Children for Great Outcomes) to maximize the experiences and number of children receiving early education services.  Early childhood educators receive education and coaching in adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), trauma-informed learning environments, and management of challenging behaviors in young children.  READYGO aims to enhance the workforce career ladder/quality lattice for educators and foster more equitable educational outcomes.  Full implementation will involve eligible educators enrolling in and completing the courses.  Expected outcomes include increased levels of support and support in classrooms, improved social, emotional, and academic outcomes among students, and reduced disparities.  READYGO’s plan for sustainability is that the trauma-informed coursework be required as part of a new EEC credentialing process that the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) is currently considering. 

2022 – Implementation, Year 1$500,141
2021 – Pilot Grant $317,559
2020 – Planning Grant$215,500

READYGO Logic Model

◊ MASSCAP Announces Early Education/Care Workforce Development Initiative READYGO:  Readying Educators & Developing Young Children for Great Outcomes
MASSCAP Press Release, February 7, 2020